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To log into Wellevate and order supplements please click the button below:


To expedite the process of ordering supplements in the office, Dr. Jen is excited to offer on online portal for your convenience.  Simply register for the portal and you will receive FREE Shipping on orders over $49!  Additionally, we will occasionally offer up to 30% off these supplements.  Wellevate Patient Portal Registration

Dr. Jen Howard offers nutritional advice and counseling and has a wealth of knowledge on MTHFR.  We can offer assistance in decoding your raw genetic data from 23andme.com when it comes to Genetic mutations such as MTHFR, Vitamin A & D absorption as well as evaluation of synapses that help with detoxification and antioxidant.

Getting Started with Pure Genomics for Patients

PureGenomics.com is a physician-exclusive website application. Your healthcare practitioner must register to provide you access to the patient portal.

First, visit www.23andMe.com, order the kit and follow the step-by-step instructions to obtain full-service sequencing. Secure, downloadable results will be sent to you by email within approximately 4-6 weeks. Then, follow the instructions below. (Raw Genetic Data is available for either Ancestry or Health + Ancestry Services.

If your practitioner has already set up an account for you:

  1. You will receive an email link allowing you access to the patient portal. Click the link to register.**
  2. Once logged in to PureGenomics.com, upload your 23andMe® results by following the steps provided in your dashboard.
  3. You can now review your personalized report with your practitioner.

**If your practitioner has not already set up an account for you, ask him or her to register at www.PureGenomics.com. Then follow the steps above.

Once we determine your genetic mutations, you are able to customize your supplements ordered through the Wellevate portal.