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Dr. Jennifer Howard has received her CACCP and Webster’s training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  In 2020 she completed her Certification from the Academy Council on  Chiropractic Pediatrics.

Having your child see a chiropractor is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do for them. At any age from infant to teenager; seeing a chiropractor comes along with many benefits.
When your child is an infant they go through many milestones such as they are learning how to roll over, how to sit and crawl, they even begin to stand and walk on their own. With the rapid development, they experience, there is no better time to ensure your child’s spine and nervous system is working to the best of their ability.

Omaha Kids Chiropractors

Benefits of your infant child getting adjusted are:

  • Helps with eczema and rashes
  • Helps ear infections
  • Helps with poor sleep
  • Helps them latch quicker
  • Helps with reflux and colic
  • Helps with torticollis or tight muscles

When your child moves from the infant stages to the toddler stages they continue to go through major developments such as continuing to walk around everywhere, they begin running, and learn how to climb and jump on and off things. Toddler age is when everything changes very quickly; careful first steps turn into running and jumping. Your child is also introduced to new foods and new motor patterns, which affects the physical development of your child.

Benefits of your toddler getting adjusted are:

  • Lessens the chance of them getting sick.
  • If they do end up getting sick they will more often than not take less antibiotics or other drugs.
  • Helps with ear infections.
  • Helps with digestion and diarrhea and constipation.
  • Helps with night terrors.
  • Helps with irritability & mood swings

Pre – School age is the age where they are potentially introduced to many new stressors such as but also not limited to; processed foods, extended television watching, new or different medication, and environment chemicals. They also are still developing and are learning new things such as how to ride a bike, how to skate, and are getting better at climbing and balancing.

Benefits of your preschooler getting adjusted are:

  • Helps with allergies and asthma.
  • Helps with moodiness.
  • Helps with bedwetting, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Helps when they get colds and flus.

School age comes with a whole new set of developments and stressors. Your children are faced with all kinds of stress when they begin school such as; sitting at school for a long period, new school activities or sports, using technology way more often, peer pressure, and homework are just some of the things your kids will face. Your child is also learning what it feels like to gain some independence, so because of all the new transitions your child is and will be facing it is best for them.

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