MTHFR treatment Omaha

MTHFR treatment Omaha

Dr. Jennifer Howard can help aid in your treatment of MTHFR in Omaha, NE.  Through her own struggles with infertility Dr. Jennifer Howard was finally diagnosed with MTHFR leading her to search further into diet, nutrition and natural treatment to aid in conception.  Dr. Howard experienced 5 miscarriages before testing for blood clotting issues.  Through many tests, it was determined that she had a form of MTHFR that could be contributing to the habitual miscarriages.  After much research and genetic testing through Dr. Howard started on a regimen of Methylated vitamins among other lifestyle changes and gave birth to her first son in 2016 and twins boys in 2017.

If anyone knows how MTHFR can affect you and fertility it is Dr. Howard!

Patient’s seeking help will need to complete (Ancestry testing is $99 or Health + Ancestry for $199).  Kits can be purchased online or at Super Target for $30 and the remainder of the testing is paid at time of completion.  Once testing is complete, raw genetic data will be uploaded to PureGenomics for decoding the data and patient reports.  This helps us target what specific supplementation your body may need to help aid in any genetic mutations.

For direct purchase of 23andme kits visit or local Super Target pharmacy aisles.

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